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Cloud Photoshop Brushes

The right Photoshop brushes can help you to produce amazing effects. High resolution brushes are important, because the better the quality of brushes that you use, the better your work will be. Low resolution brushes produce low quality graphics. This week, I created a collection of free Cloud Photoshop brushes for you to use in your projects. Clouds are used in a lot of designs and effects. This collection of brushes are 2500px in size, giving you the quality you need to create eye-catching graphics. You can preview all 20 Cloud Photoshop Brushes below.

The blue background you see is just to see what it looks like as a sky. However, the actual brushes are just the clouds themselves, which is ideal. You can mix and match different clouds to build your own custom skies.These brushes are free to download and use in your projects, whether they are personal or commercial projects.

Download Free Cloud Photoshop Brushes


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Clouds Brushes

Download Tutorial Asset

076 – Smoke/Fog Brush (8195 downloads) <!– –>

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